Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service in South Metro Atlanta, including Newnan, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Senoia, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas.

The experts at Air-Man can help keep your comfort level high & cooling costs low

Staying cool indoors when it’s hot outside is a luxury that’s easy to take for granted. Your air conditioning system is designed to provide this comfort, but it can’t do so without the right maintenance. It’s smart to schedule AC system service before the cooling season begins, or before you detect any problems with your air conditioning system.

Cleaning is critical to maintaining your air conditioner

Many of the problems that occur with central air conditioning systems are due to dirt, dust and debris. When you call in an HVAC technician to perform basic maintenance on your system, the tech will pay attention to certain parts of your system that get dirty over time. For example:

Air filter replacement.

Forced-air heating and cooling systems rely on air filters to remove dust, pollen and other particulates from the air so that they don’t form dirt deposits on the evaporator coil or get circulated throughout the house. Each air handler or furnace unit in your system will have its own air filter. Some HVAC system air filters are reusable, while others must be replaced when they get dirty. Your HVAC contractor can tell you which type of filter you have, confirm that the correct size is being used, and show you how to replace or clean the filter.

Coil cleaning.

A central air conditioning system has an evaporator coil located inside, and a condenser coil located outdoors. Each coil contains a long, serpentine run of copper tubing, covered by aluminum fins that promote good heat exchange. Dirt that collects on coils and fins can reduce your system’s cooling capacity by 30%, forcing your AC system to work longer and harder. Because AC coils are tricky to clean (and prone to damage), it’s best to have this part of your system professionally cleaned.

Condensate drain cleaning & clearing.

In addition to cooling your interior air, your AC system also removes excess humidity from the air. Water condenses out of the air and needs to drain outside or to an interior drain. Part of regular AC system service should include cleaning the condensate drain and making sure there are no clogs or obstructions that might cause backups.

Duct sealing and duct insulation.

Has your ductwork system been checked for leaks or undergone leak-sealing improvements? If not, consider having this work done by Air-Man Heating & Air Conditioning. Leaky ductwork can diminish the performance of forced-air heating or cooling by as much as 40%. If some of your ducts are located in unconditioned spaces like crawl spaces and attics, also consider having these ducts insulated to improve efficiency.

Trust a professional to service your system.

If your air conditioner requires more than just the regular maintenance, Air-Man can help. We will inspect your air conditioning system and fix any issues before they become costly problems.