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How To Increase The Efficiency Of An Air Conditioner

As we approach the cold season, it’s crucial to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently. As you maintain the heat in your home, you also need to ensure that the air conditioning doesn’t have to skyrocket your bill. 

You can consult an HVAC professional for maintenance. However, you can also follow our recommended tips and tricks. By the end of it, you’ll increase the durability of your air conditioner and save on energy. 

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Air Conditioner

AC in a living room

Most of the modern air conditioners work well in winter and summer. As we head on to the cold season, you will appreciate an extra boost in generating heat to see you through winter.  

You only need to adjust the air conditioner to warm your room in winter. When it’s summer, the reverse is true. While air conditioning has become the norm in most homes, it’s not always easy to maintain efficiency. So, how do you go about it? Let’s find out more.

Service your air conditioner

AC technician at work

It can be tough to identify a fault in your air conditioner. Before a season begins, make sure that you consult an HVAC technician to check if the AC is fully functioning. 

It saves you from high energy bills as you keep warm. Besides, the air conditioner is likely to accumulate dirt and debris, which compromises its efficiency.

Turn off the air conditioner when not in use.

First, turning off an air conditioner when not in use keeps your energy bill in check and conserves energy. Make sure that you’re not heating a room which you’re using at the time. 

You can also turn the AC off at night when you sleep in your warm bed. Set the timer on the air conditioner such that you do not have to keep turning it off or on. 

For instance, you can set the timer to shut off the air conditioner an hour after you’re tucked into bed. 

Only heat up the necessary areas

Heating up a room with an AC

To increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, make sure that you minimize the heating area. For example, open doors and windows allow the heat out, increasing the time to warm up a room. Having less space to warm reduces the amount of time to use an air conditioner, thereby reducing your bills.

For instance, close the kitchen and bedroom doors to contain the heat in a single room. That way, it saves you time and energy bills at the end of the month.  

Remove the debris on the air conditioner

Cleaning an AC

The debris on the air conditioner reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. Maintenance helps to remove the leaves, pollen, and other components that make the outer fan prone to damage. 

Set the right temperature

AC temperature

Setting a high temperature on your AC increases your bill. On the other hand, having it too low leaves you cold. To counter this, ensure that you set the right temperature.

Check and replace the air filters

Having dirty air filters reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. As part of maintenance, you can replace the old air filters instead of changing the AC. Replacing the air filters is cheaper, and it helps to maintain a clean airflow.


Having an AC helps to keep you warm during winter. As you follow the methods above, consider having an HVAC technician check and fix your AC.

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